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Statue Restoration Project

Maybe you remember the pair of angel statues that used to adorn the sides of the Sanctuary. During the church remodeling process, the statues were rediscovered in the attic.


It was decided in order to enhance the beauty of the restoration of the church, the pair of angels should be returned to their original locations in the church. The partial reinstatement of the original communion railing made this project even more achievable.


In order to accomplish this much work needed to be done. The original statue bases that sat on top of the communion rail were stripped and refinished. They are currently sitting at the end of each rail by the wall.


Next the statues needed dire attention. The years in storage had not been overly kind to them. We contacted a handful of restoration specialists to get their opinion and estimates.


It was determined that they were worth restoring, both as an original piece of our church and their uniqueness. The original molds were lost in a fire at the factory in the 1940's. 


As the restoration progresses, we will add pictures so you can follow in their transformation. We hope to have them completed and in place for Easter morning.


We chose Henninger's of Brook Park, Ohio for the project. Their facility is remarkable. They have many artisans working in various mediums - stained glass, marble and wood, just to name a few.


To view their restoration work, click on the link below:



We have a number of statues that we would like to restore to their original beauty as funds permit. If you would be interested in sponsoring a statue, please contact Fr. Eric for more details.

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